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VFW Benefit

Saturday, February 8, 2014  The Collingdale Veteran's of Foreign Wars held a benefit on February 8, 2014. The event was a great success and raised much needed funds to help the organization. The event organizers would like to thank all those who donated items and gave of their time. Once again showing why this community is a great place.



New District Judge

Wednesday, January 15, 2014  The officers of the Collingdale Police Department want to welcome the new District Judge Greg Loftus to the bench. The new Judge is a life long resident of Collingdale. He has been involved in numerous organizations including serving as Chief of Collingdale No. 2 for several years and president of the Collingdale Fireman's Relief Association. We have worked with Judge Loftus when he was the Constable for Collingdale and we look forward to working with him for years to come.




Tuesday, November 19, 2013  The Collingdale Police Department want to thank the numerous people who gave to this great cause. Many children received a toy thanks to everyone's generosity.




Arson Arrest Made

Friday, September 27, 2013  Posted: 09/26/13, 10:45 PM EDT |

COLLINGDALE — A Philadelphia man is accused of setting fire to a woman’s apartment because he was reportedly angry that she ended their friendship, according to charges filed this week.

Kalyl D. Poindexter, 29, of the 5600 block of Hadfield Street, was preliminarily arraigned Tuesday on multiple offenses, including arson, possession an instrument of crime, risking a catastrophe, burglary and stalking. He was remanded to the county prison in lieu of 10 percent of $75,000 bail, set by Magisterial District Judge Horace Z. Davis.

“I set this girl’s house on fire, that’s why you smelled smoke that day when you picked me up from my house,” read a text found on Poindexter’s phone now in evidence, according to a press release issued by Chief Robert Adams.

No one was in the third-floor apartment in a converted house in the 500 block of MacDade Boulevard when a passerby reported seeing smoke, shortly before 4 p.m. Sept. 24. Authorities found a kitchen stove and all four burners lit, as well as a microwave running on a 10-minute timer, and the incident was labeled suspicious. A first-floor tenant was temporarily evacuated.

During the investigation, the woman who lives in the third-floor apartment told Collingdale Detective Daniel Leicht that an ex-boyfriend had been calling and sending her text messages, making threats against her and a friend, according to the release.

Some of the clothing found burned in a bedroom closet had been gifts from Poindexter, and a 50-inch TV and some of personal items were missing, she told Leicht. In addition, she indicated her Gmail account had been hacked and private photos from the account were sent to her co-workers.

Poindexter, she told Leicht, knew her password.

The woman had ended a friendship with Poindexter when he approached her at a bus stop near her residence on Sept. 15, saying he wanted to get his belongings from the apartment, according to the release. She was on her way to work and the bus was arriving, so she gave him keys to the apartment, but told him to return them to her that night.

Her next contact with Poindexter was Sept. 18 when he arrived at the apartment, she told authorities, according to the release. She had called him multiple times to retrieve her keys, but received no answer.

After telling Poindexter she “wanted nothing to do with him,” he allegedly got angry and tried to force his way inside the apartment. She described to police how he placed his foot in the doorway so she couldn’t close the door. The woman threatened to call the police if he didn’t leave.

According to police, Poindexter continued to call and text-message the woman on Sept. 18 and 19. The last message was received at 1 p.m. on Sept. 19.

Among the texts obtained by police were messages, allegedly by Poindexter, saying he has been “watching her every move ... describing clothing,” the release states.

Another text message was directed at the woman’s new friend. The message referred to her friend with a racial slur and threatened, “He is going to get his ... even if I have to sit in a cell,” the release states.

Adams credited firefighter Michael Rowe who immediately noticed the lit oven and running microwave and immediately passed on the suspicious finding to Assistant Fire Chief Patrick Kilroy. Kilroy, in turn, informed Leicht.

Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal Jay Stewart, Lt. Scott Bireley and Detective Thomas Scarpato of the Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division assisted in the investigation.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled Oct. 1.



New Officers Swearing In

Wednesday, September 4, 2013  Congratulations to Don Beese Jr and T J McCauley on being sworn in at Council last night on Tuesday September 3rd by Mayor Frank C Kelly. Holding the Bible for Officer Beese is his mother Fran and pinning on his badge is his dad retired Detective Don Beese(UDY) while TJ's father holds the Bible and his mother Kim pins on the badge, with their swearing in it brings the force to 19 officers, 9 full time and 10 part time.   



Working Two Alarm Fire

Saturday, August 17, 2013   Collingdale Police responded to 25 Roberta Ave , Friday August 17th for a reported building fire. Upon the arrival of officers they found heavy fire from the second floor of the building. The initial fire officers called a 2nd alarm within minutes. The building was currently under construction having been recently purchased. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by the County Detectives and Collingdale Fire Marshall along with Collingdale Police Department. 




Saturday, August 3, 2013  SPRINGFIELD — A knife attack last Friday on Baltimore Pike that ended when an off-duty, armed Collingdale police officer intervened was apparently spurred by a boyfriend’s jealousy, according to court documents.

As of Tuesday, Patrick O’Neill, 23, of the 100 block of East Third Street in the Essington section of Tinicum, remained behind bars in lieu of $150,000 cash bail.

Arrested Friday, O’Neill was preliminarily arraigned early Saturday on multiple offenses, including aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment, recklessly endangering another person and possessing an instrument of crime. A preliminary hearing, listed for Aug. 8 before Magisterial District Judge Anthony D. Scanlon, has been continued. No new hearing date has been scheduled.

According to charging documents, when Springfield Officer Stephen Hurwitz responded to a report of a stabbing in the 500 block of Baltimore Pike shortly after 2 p.m. Friday, he found O’Neill being held at gunpoint by off-duty Collingdale Officer Edward Robinson and victim Shawn Havard sitting on the sidewalk in front of a business at 512 Baltimore Pike.

On-duty officers from surrounding jurisdictions also responded to the call, including Officer David Smith of the Morton Police Department. Smith had O’Neill in handcuffs and secured in the back of a marked police vehicle.

Havard, who was bleeding from a pair of wounds to his left shoulder and left forearm, told the officers O’Neill tried to stab him several times, according to the affidavit of probable cause for arrest, written by Springfield Detective Bridget McCarthy. He described walking along Baltimore Pike when he encountered O’Neill, an acquaintance.

“You trying to pimp my girlfriend out?” Havard recalled O’Neill saying prior to the knife attack, the affidavit states.

According to the affidavit, O’Neill’s girlfriend had spent the previous night at Havard’s apartment with another man.

Robinson told investigators he was walking into a real estate business when he saw O’Neill and Havard outside talking. Then Robinson saw O’Neill confront Havard, allegedly striking him in the face with a closed fist, the affidavit states. Havard retreated as O’Neill removed what Robinson described as a large knife from his waistband that he then lifted over his head.

“O’Neill stabbed the knife at Havard several times as Havard attempted to evade the knife and push O’Neill away,” the affidavit states.  



Still Missing after Two Months

NEWARK, N.J. - Every day, Olga Ortiz gets on her knees in front of the tabletop shrine she has created in the sparse dining area of her modest apartment.

Along with the Holy Bible, carefully arranged votive candles, and religious figurines are pictures of her daughter Melissa Ortiz-Rodriguez. In every photograph - even in the missing-person posters that serve as the table's backdrop - Ortiz-Rodriguez is always smiling.

"Whatever it is, Lord, I just want the answer," said Ortiz, looking upward.

Ortiz-Rodriguez, 30, of Collingdale Borough, Delaware County, had planned to visit friends and family in Newark on April 19. She never arrived.

She was reported missing four days later by her estranged husband, Jose Rodriguez, after she failed to pick up her two daughters, then 11 and 7, from school. No one has heard from her: no phone calls, no Facebook posts.

Her younger daughter's birthday has come and gone without a call from her mother.

"I know in my heart something happened to her," Ortiz said. "She would never leave her kids."

"We have a dual investigation: Where is she? And is she a missing person?" Collingdale Police Chief Robert Adams said.

Police have scoured the neighborhood, examined surveillance videos, talked to residents, put up posters, contacted the media, and listed the case on national databases. They have interviewed Rodriguez, the children, family and friends in New Jersey and Virginia, and contacted Amtrak and SEPTA.

They have served more than 20 search warrants in their quest to find Ortiz-Rodriguez. The FBI has joined the search.

"We have no trail of her at all," Adams said.

"I cry at night, I don't sleep, I call my daughter's name," Ortiz said, wiping away tears. Photos of her daughter were spread out on the dining room table - the wedding, the birth of her first child, Halloween.

Ortiz-Rodriguez was the oldest of Ortiz's three children. She was the girl with the Mariah Carey voice who had enough gumption and confidence to try out for American Idol and The Voice.

After high school, Ortiz-Rodriguez joined the Navy. She received a medical discharge after two years for foot issues, her mother said.

She met Rodriguez 13 years ago through friends. "She was in love with him," Ortiz said. "Whatever he said, she believed."

When the younger of the two daughters was about a year old, Rodriguez had an affair, said Ana Camacho, 28, the missing woman's sister.

Signs of emotional and physical abuse became evident to family and friends.

Though Rodriguez was a good father to the girls, he had a dark, controlling side, said Evie Ramos, 42, Ortiz-Rodriguez's best friend in Newark.

"He didn't allow for her to have a friend. Period," Ramos said.

The couple moved to Pennsylvania in 2007, when Rodriguez began training as a mechanic.

Ortiz-Rodriguez, who was dependent on her husband for money, found a way to stay connected with others. She kept a secret cellphone and would use library computers to chat on Facebook and send e-mails.

"She was trying to work it out," Ortiz said of her daughter's marriage.

In February, Ortiz-Rodriguez filed for a protection-from-abuse order against her husband, saying that when a friend arrived to pick her up at the Collingdale house, Rodriguez tore open a bag full of her and the children's belongings and threw them on the front yard. He broke her cellphone. He left before police arrived.

Rodriguez's attorney, Michael Diamondstein, said his client "categorically" denies that any abuse took place.

Messages left for Rodriguez were not returned.

In early April, Ortiz-Rodriguez learned her husband had another family in New Jersey when she discovered a receipt for an infant car seat and bottles. She confronted him and he moved out.

Although they were separated, Rodriguez sometimes would stay at the house. On the weekend his wife disappeared, it was Rodriguez's turn to watch the girls.

Ortiz-Rodriguez was excited about a new job she was going to start April 22, her mother said.

She never showed up or called.

Ortiz had no idea anything was amiss until she received a call from her own mother, who was contacted by Rodriguez's stepfather with the news.

Rodriguez "never called me," Ortiz said.

Adams said members of the Ortiz family call nearly every day for updates - but not Rodriguez.

"He has not called once," Adams said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Collingdale police at 610-586-0502 or county detectives at 610-891-4700.



Search for Melissa

Thursday, June 6, 2013       On Wednesday, law enforcement officers from Collingdale and the Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division went door to door in the Rodriguezes’ neighborhood, speaking with neighbors and local merchants looking for any evidence as to what happened to the missing mother.Lead investigators Daniel Leicht from Collingdale and county Detective Adam Sendek were among the dozen or so police officers who walked the neighborhood behind St. Joseph’s Church and the Har Zion Cemetery, a short distance from the Rodriguez home. It was not the first time the cemetery was searched.

As officers scoured the cemetery, someone found a woman’s shoe near some empty Budweiser cans in the brush along the border with the homes on Pershing Avenue. The shoe and its location were photographed and it was bagged for evidence.A cemetery employee felt confident that police would not find anything linked to Melissa’s disappearance there. He said the grass is cut routinely this time of year and if there was anything unusual they’d know about it.

Riccardo D’Ilario lives on Pershing Avenue directly behind the Rodriguez house. An ivy-covered fence is all that separates the two properties.“She was very devoted to her kids,” he said, standing outside with a paint brush in his hand.D’Ilario, who identified himself as a mailman, said the Rodriguez family had lived on Lafayette Avenue for at least two years. Jose Rodriguez, he said, had many plans to fix up the house and even got a permit to build a new garage. Then something changed, he said. The garage never was built and Melissa and her children began staying inside, ignoring the trampoline and above-ground swimming pool still sitting in the backyard, now littered with junk.

“I can’t believe someone just gets up and leaves, but it does happen,” D’Ilario said. “I just hope she’s around somewhere.”Investigators have executed numerous search warrants in connection with the case, including warrants for Jose Rodriguez’s truck, his work vehicle and both his and his wife’s cellphones. They’ve interviewed family in New Jersey and friends, both locally and in Virginia and New York.Adams said the case is a priority, saying investigators are leaving no stone unturned.

He wondered aloud that if Melissa Rodriguez left on her own accord what she was doing for money.“She has nothing in her name,” he said, noting the house, cars, credit cards and cellphones were all owned solely by her husband.Police are asking any resident or business with a security camera in the neighborhood around the Rodriguez’s Lafayette Avenue home to check back to April 19 to see if any sightings of Melissa are recorded.

“Maybe she does leave and a camera picks her up walking down the street,” Leicht said. “It would be very useful.”Adams was asked what he hoped investigators would get out of searching the area again.“A successful conclusion would be for Melissa to pull up here and say, ‘I left because I wanted to be left alone,’” he said, still holding out hope of finding the young mother.Anyone with information about Melissa Rodriguez’s disappearance is urged to contact Collingdale police at 610-586-0502 or CID at 610-891-4700 or the FBI



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